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Get to know our team of talented, driven and passionate artists. Each with their own individual styles, creativity and personalized techniques. 


Establishing ADH in 2015, Adrienne Dara wanted to create an atmosphere like none other in Philadelphia.

Personalized one-on-one appointments, a non rushed atmosphere, with an emphasis on customized color for each individual client. 

Years later, and ADH is still just that. A salon that believes in quality over quantity always. 

Adrienne Dara is a blonding specialist and educator. With her ADH Education tour and virtual global education platform The Lightening Library.

She is a Redken Brand Ambassador and Salon Centric Ambassador.

Adrienne Dara


Redken Brand Ambassador

Salon Centric Ambassador


Kate has been behind the chair for the past 11 years.  She is passionate about making people feel good about themselves every time they sit in her chair! 

Kate specializes in all things blondes and brunettes. She loves highlighting, balayage, color melting, haircutting and styling.

She will make you feel like family and she truly enjoys getting to know every client. 

Kate Atkins

Lead Colorist


Adrienne Dara Hair Education Team


Maureen has been behind the chair for the past 5 years.  She is passionate about the work she puts out and works hard to ensure each client has an exclusive customized color experience.

She loves connecting with her clients and putting them at ease when with her in her chair.

With specializations in blonding, bronding and haircutting, Maureen is well versed in a multitude of techniques.

Maureen puts her client consultations at the forefront of each appointment. She believes in the importance of clarity and honesty between client and stylist to deliver the highest quality of color.

Maureen McCann

Lead Colorist


Adrienne Dara Hair Education Team


Aubrie has been behind the chair for the last 4 years. With her passion for creativity and open mind behind the chair, this has allowed her to give her clients an unforgettable experience every time they sit in her chair!

With a drive for continued education, she is always open to learning new techniques to create beautiful customized color for her clients!

Aubrie specializes in lived-in blondes and brondes, along with all things in airy, beachy textured styling. She aims to bring your sun-kissed California hair dreams to life!

Aubrie Schwarzman

Senior Colorist


Driven by a passion for all things hair, Lala entered the hair industry 4 years ago and hasn't looked back since! 


Lala’s focus and drive leads to creative genius, for all things "lived-in" behind the chair. 


To Lala, the most satisfying part of an appointment always, is taking what the client envisions and creating it before their eyes. With a love for big transformations and attention to detail, Lala will bring all of your boho inspired hair dreams to reality while in her chair!  

LaLa Klug



Adrienne Dara Hair Education Team


With 10 years of experience in the salon business and a passion for her career, Elisa has been able to establish herself as the Salon Manager and Director of Education at ADH.


Creating efficiency that is built on kindness has become her super power. Elisa prides herself on being a positive people person and keeping honesty at the forefront of her mindset.


Elisa has been a part of ADH since 2017 and says she feels that the ADH crew have become like family to her.


Being part of a group of positive, uplifting and supportive women has always been important to Elisa.


This plays a major part in why she feels as though she has found her permanent home here at ADH and really loves being a part of the crew! 

Elisa Di Bruno

Director of Education

& Salon Operations


With 8 years of experience in the administrative and professional beauty industry, it is no surprise that Jill strives for excellence to make all clients feel valued and welcomed here at ADH! 


Jill not only has the knowledge of what it takes to support a team and keep a happy, smooth sailing salon, but the skillset to back it up. 


Building relationships with clients has always been at the forefront for Jill, as she believes kindness and consideration creates trust. She will always go above and beyond to make you feel like a part of the crew while here at ADH! 


Jill DiTrolio

Salon Coordinator


Adrienne Dara Hair Education Team

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